Noooo! Mom Did Not Say That!

“Get out you damn fool,” she shouted. To her caregivers, Eleanor’s words were too easy to ignore, just another refusal from a memory care resident not wanting to be changed at the prescribed time. Her fingernails dug into their skin. “Stop it you damn shit.” Without pause, they pulled my mom into the restroom, her … Continue reading Noooo! Mom Did Not Say That!

Remarkably Unexpected

The snow is expected, but the sand is not. In the recent post — That was Unexpected! — I shared how snow along the edges of an agave, a sight recently but rarely seen in South Texas, reminded me of snow along the edges of sand seen on a recent trip to Colorado. This post … Continue reading Remarkably Unexpected

As a Child

During the week that followed Thanksgiving I considered the condition of the ranch, and it was a contemplative exercise. Compared to most of the country, the foliage in South Texas changes color late in the calendar year, if it changes much at all. That the calendar sits open to December and the Texas red oaks … Continue reading As a Child

Happy Thanksgiving

Let the wonder and beauty and bounty of the land be like a voice in your ear, singing a song of unity in our world — a song that celebrates coming together in harmony, creating a more splendid whole. May your Thanksgiving be a continuous celebration of gratitude. I am thankful for you. Karen  

Go Play!

As one end of the seesaw was quickly rising off the ground, the other end was equally dropping, and for the moment, Ella and Jim — smiling and laughing — joined in a friendly, cautious, and calculating contest that tested their trust of each other. They recognized their equal power to send the other slamming … Continue reading Go Play!

Where Do You Wonder?

"On the outskirts of Comfort, Texas, atop rolling limestone peaks of the Texas Hill Country, The Lost Madrone Ranch is the magical place where I walk — literally and figuratively. I visit the ranch to experience nature, seek respite, find inspiration, form ideas, renew my energy, work, create and enjoy life." With the above words, … Continue reading Where Do You Wonder?

Cry, Heart, But Never Break: Part 2

The space looked like it did once before while looking like it never did. Gone is the agave, the “Green Giant,” attentively watched for months as the leaf, stalk, and flower put on their respective performances. The leaf, once standing tall and sturdy and razor sharp, flopped to the dirt in decline until stiff and … Continue reading Cry, Heart, But Never Break: Part 2