Home Again

The air was dreary and drizzly, family was visiting from out of town, and we sat inside talking, wishing for the weather to clear. Then, instinctively, because something out of order darted by, Jim jumped from the couch and bolted out the door while blurting he had seen a giant bird. Well, maybe not so … Continue reading Home Again

A Big Christmas Greeting

Merry Christmas to all my friends and loved ones! Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift.                               2 Corinthians 9:15     The wonder of nature comforts me — in times of blessings and in times of deep sorrow — … Continue reading A Big Christmas Greeting

Happy Thanksgiving 2018!

Happy Thanksgiving! Take a walk. Look closer.   (Can you find the Thanksgiving guest in the photo below?) Set aside your troubles. Marvel at the little treasures in nature. Appreciate the days. Don't be afraid. Enjoy the beauty around you. Celebrate the harvest. Gasp at God's glorious creation. Let your light shine. Spend time with friends … Continue reading Happy Thanksgiving 2018!

Have a Spooky Halloween

Enjoy a bit of orange and black — spooky and not — in celebration of Halloween. Happy Halloween!  

All in a Day… or Two

“‘But,’ said his father, stopping in front of the drawing-room window, ‘it won’t be fine.’”                       Virginia Woolf, To the Lighthouse The day to begin the tile repair arrived… and so did the thunder, lightening, a downpour, and three tornado emergency alerts. Since the fateful … Continue reading All in a Day… or Two

Design and Life — Rolled and Double Munched

The turn in weather started with a hint. I glanced across the yard toward the horizon, and the sky appeared glaucous — a lusterless bluish-gray — the perfect word to characterize the mood. Glaucous? Really? Why not use the word blue? The word Glaucous has both Latin and Greek roots. In Latin, glaucus means gray … Continue reading Design and Life — Rolled and Double Munched

A Flood of Tears, But Not for the Flood

Curse or coincidence, who is to say? Friends and family know when I travel, have out-of-town guests, or plan a party, a weather event occurs — often an apocalyptic weather event. This is not an exaggeration. A volcano eruption, several tropical storms, too many unexpected downpours, and a 500-year flood are example interruptions to my plans. … Continue reading A Flood of Tears, But Not for the Flood