Savor: Things, Ideas, and People

Grind, dose, tap, tamp, pump, extract, knock, steam, stretch, froth, thump, swirl, pour, sip — I love a perfect espresso that makes a great latte. For most of my life, I didn’t drink a drop of coffee, but over the past five years, quality fresh ground beans, golden-brown espresso with crema that lingers, and velvety … Continue reading Savor: Things, Ideas, and People

Inspired by Nature, Designed with Love

My blog boss — my daughter, Alexandra — informs me that if I have a “Design” category on my blog, I need to put content in it. Since this post is my first design story, a caveat, disclaimer, or excuse is in order, before I launch into sharing a design project further down in this … Continue reading Inspired by Nature, Designed with Love