Welcome to Take Comfort, my blog where stories and photos from The Lost Madrone Ranch illustrate the strength and beauty I draw from ranch experiences. Follow my design projects, read my reflections on life and nature, gain courage from my thoughts on caregiving and child-rearing, delight in images captured around the ranch, and meet my family, friends, and Longhorns. Subscribe and Walk with Me.

The Ranch:

On the outskirts of Comfort, Texas, atop rolling limestone peaks of the Texas Hill Country, the ranch is where I think, celebrate, form ideas, find inspiration, draw strength and enjoy life. Purchased as a weekend place to relax, hunt, and get outdoors, never did I imagine the impact it would have on me and my family. The ranch is resplendent — sometimes literally shining and always the light I need to illuminate my path. I admit, more beautiful places on earth exist. You may live in one or travel to many. The Lost Madrone Ranch happens to be my special place. The rugged terrain has little topsoil and is rocky, rocky, rocky. The wildlife is abundant and the native trees and vegetation resilient in the harsh Texas climate. The skies are Texan — vast, bold, brazen and honest. My plot has lines drawn on a map, and “owning” within the boundary prompts freedom to forge a deep connection. But, my land is also part of your world. Take the stories I share about my piece of property and find your ranch. Look out your window, look closer, marvel at the wonder, give kindness, gain strength, Take Comfort.


A preacher’s kid, one of 5 siblings, growing up across the river from Washington, DC, attending the University of Virginia (wahoo wa), working for the U.S. Congress, falling in love and marrying the finest man imaginable, having two wonderful babies, THEN… moving to Texas for my husband’s job. From Capitol Hill to cowboy boots was a culture shock. I left the workplace to raise kids, volunteered a lot, bought a piece of Texas land, and focused on family life. Ranch weekends fueled our fun, shaped my kids, and taught us life lessons as life marched onward. I lost my beloved father to pancreatic cancer, became the caregiver for my mom suffering from dementia, launched my kids off to college, celebrated my husband’s retirement, and now I’m bolstering my courage to share my stories. When I go to the ranch, I walk and listen and look and learn, and now I write. Subscribe and Walk with Me.