Cry, Heart, But Never Break: Part 1

When we turned into the driveway of the ranch house, our eyes were drawn to the agave. We gasped. As always, the massive agave stood stately and bold in stature — extending a human-scaled welcome, as if from a guard on post, assuring us all was well under her protective watch. The unquestionable strength and … Continue reading Cry, Heart, But Never Break: Part 1

Savor: Things, Ideas, and People

Grind, dose, tap, tamp, pump, extract, knock, steam, stretch, froth, thump, swirl, pour, sip — I love a perfect espresso that makes a great latte. For most of my life, I didn’t drink a drop of coffee, but over the past five years, quality fresh ground beans, golden-brown espresso with crema that lingers, and velvety … Continue reading Savor: Things, Ideas, and People

Clouds on a Summer Sunday

It was two o’clock on Sunday when the summer sun was high in the sky, baking the blades of grass that were already brown, thin, and parched from lack of rain. But my eyes were not on the ground as I drove through the gate and gazed across the ranch. I searched for the familiar … Continue reading Clouds on a Summer Sunday

Feeding Chickens

In March, I asked readers to walk through a ranch project with me. The first part of the project followed a progression of sedums from sprout to bloom. The project concluded by transplanting sedums to a spot on the ranch — Dad’s Cactus Ridge — where no sedums grow. This post shares the transplanting story and … Continue reading Feeding Chickens

Her Name is Windy, Sing Her a Song

Her name is Windy. She lived at the Lost Madrone Ranch. Windy is a dragonfly. Windy’s story is based on a real encounter over ten years ago. In my first blog post, Take Comfort: My Blog Introduction, I referenced an extraordinary day at the ranch — truly a ranch day to remember. I woke up … Continue reading Her Name is Windy, Sing Her a Song

Happy Father’s Day

  Happy Father's Day! Thanks, Jim, and thanks to Father's everywhere who give their kids experiences — both fun and frightening — we moms would never think of!  Happy Father's Day!

The Summer Garden

The first tomatoes and peppers of summer are ripe at the Lost Madrone Ranch. The only thing better than eating tomatoes picked from the vine is sharing them with friends. Happy Summer!