Healing Thanks

takecomfort.org Karen Greenwood

Take comfort. Jimmy is healing and healing well. Jimmy’s doctors at the SAMMC Burn Center, where Jimmy is being treated as an outpatient, determined that Jimmy will not need skin graft surgery on his hands. We are so relieved and thankful.

Saturday, I shared a post that my son, Jimmy, had an accident with a flash fire at the ranch. Today’s post is an update and a thank you to many who are supporting Jimmy and my family.

Mostly, we are thankful to his lead doctor, Dr. Gurney, who despite the suggestion of other doctors who evaluated Jimmy, did not opt for surgery right away. Instead, she tried several treatments and tested the healing power of a healthy 19-year-old.

Thank you, Dr. Gurney.

In my post, Arrive at the Lost Madrone Ranch, I share my emotions as I approach the ranch and the sequencing involved that is similar to reading a good novel.


“Like reading a novel, you become acquainted with the setting, meet the characters, take twists and turns that create suspense and interest, realize the significance and power in where you arrived, recognize change has happened, and resolve what you think about it — what human value, meaning, or idea is revealed about your experience? Sound dramatic? It is. A good novel is compelling, engaging and suspenseful. The characters interesting, flawed, and real. The plot builds and unfolds in unexpected ways. And the conclusion is satisfying whether rewarding or failed.”

Believe me, I am not equating the events of the past week and a half to curling up and reading a good novel. But the formula of a good novel follows the drama of real life.

This has been one of the hardest weeks of my life. It has been a tug of emotions — the agony of watching my child in terrible pain countered with gratitude that the situation is not worse.

I hurt for where we arrived, but a powerful sense of empathy flooded my thoughts throughout the week. How many of my friends are also in crisis? What pain is being treated for the patients I see walking the halls in this incredible military medical center? What pain is going untreated throughout the world where people are without access to the quality care Jimmy is receiving?

The suspense and uncertainty of not knowing the healing potential of your child, particularly when he is in pain, is excruciating. Words do not describe it.


Characters have come into our lives who have profoundly steered the twists and turns of meeting Jimmy’s medical needs.

I am in awe of the knowledge, expertise, and dedication of the doctors providing care to Jimmy. Jimmy is fortunate, and we are thankful.

Reconciling the poor care response Jimmy first received at a 24-hour emergency facility, with the world-class care he is now receiving at the SAMMC Burn Center, terrifies me to think how close he was to a different healing outcome. How fragile we are when facing flawed and real characters. Aren’t we all flawed and real?

Jimmy is still managing the healing.

The burns to his face are healing quickly, even surprising his doctors at how almost fully healed the skin appears.

His hands will take more time, but again, healing is happening, and the skin is growing back.


Jimmy’s pain is manageable — most present now during wound care and dressing changes on his hands.

His carefree exposure to the sun has changed forever — a tough realization for Jimmy, who is active and loves the outdoors.

Jimmy cannot return to Baylor to complete his freshman year on campus as his burns are still at risk for infection, and the risk is not conducive to dorm living. This is the last week of classes before final exams begin next week, so the workload missed is not too great. Jimmy is mapping a plan with his professors to complete his work as soon as he is able, and he is expected to stay on track academically.


I am thankful to Baylor University for working with Jimmy, for the prayers from the Baylor Parent Network, for his new fraternity brothers who flooded his phone with text messages of support, for his Baylor friends who came to see him and keep him in their prayers.


Family, SMH friends, church, community friends, neighbors, and friends who read this blog have been an overwhelming support to Jimmy and our family. Thank you.

I have always believed in the power of prayer, and we are witness to that power in Jimmy’s healing. Thank you to all who have prayed for Jimmy. I am forever grateful for your prayers.

Jimmy’s journey with this event has not concluded, but yesterday’s determination that skin grafts are not needed is a significant turning point in Jimmy’s healing path forward.

I am not close to resolving all I think about the experience. However, the meaning of this life event and how it shapes us is now being examined with calm and gratitude.


Take Comfort is a blog where I planned to share photos and writings about the strength and beauty I draw from ranch experiences. In my “about me” page, I invite readers to meet me, my family, my friends, and our Longhorns and to walk with me as I share my stories.

My last post began, “sometimes the events in our lives follow a course we did not plan to take.” Thank you for walking with me as my path veered far beyond pretty plants.

Again, thank you to all for giving comfort.




9 thoughts on “Healing Thanks

  1. Karen, So sorry about Jimmy. Sounds like the update is good news. Hope he continues to heal quickly. Will keep him In my prayers.


    Sent from my iPhone



  2. Hugs Cuz…I am emailing you right now to chat. Praise God Jimmy is healing and God is providing quick recovery on the face…and no skin grafts needed. Love you all so much!


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